How a DUI Affects Your Driving Record in Colorado

When you get convicted of a DUI in Colorado, you can face various penalties. Although most people are aware of the criminal consequences of a DUI, they likely don’t consider how a DUI will affect their driving record. Your driving record may seem insignificant when compared to your criminal record, but having a car is essential when living and working in Denver. 


A DUI charge may leave you without a driver’s license for an extended period of time. Even once you get your license back, your insurance premiums can rise significantly. It can feel like all the odds are against you as you try to recover from the mistake you’ve made. 


With the help of a Denver DUI lawyer, you can get the support you need to fight your case in court. There may be ways to reduce your charges and ultimately receive less points on your driving record. That way, you can save yourself from a license suspension and prevent significant increases to your car insurance premium.


DUIs and Your Drivers License

When you get charged with a first-time DUI in Colorado, your driver’s license can get suspended automatically for nine months. Once you get your driver’s license back, you may be required to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle. This device requires you to blow into a breathalyzer each time you start the engine. 


How a First-Time DUI Conviction Affects Your Driving Record

Even after you face your DUI penalties, you can face other consequences outside of the criminal court system. Twelve points can get added to your driving record when charged with a DUI and these points won’t go away for two years. Even once the points are removed from your driving record, the DUI charge remains on your driving record for ten years.


Your car insurance company can use this information against you to increase your premium. With the help of an attorney, you can fight to avoid a DUI charge on your record altogether. Fighting your case may have seemed like a waste of time and effort before, but it’s worth it when you look at the long-term consequences you may face.


A DUI comes with more than just criminal penalties. It comes with penalties that will affect you in your daily life for years to come. If you don’t take legal action now, you won’t have the opportunity to fight your case later.