Dangerous Intersections in New Orleans

Crossing the street can be a deadly affair. So can driving through a busy, notoriously dangerous intersection, like some of the busiest ones in any major U.S. city. Whether on a bicycle, in a car, on foot, riding on a motorcycle, people are wise to avoid deadly intersections.

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People who walk, cycle, or drive in Louisiana know that there are dozens of extremely dangerous intersections in New Orleans. But, which ones top the list? According to New Orleans traffic authorities, the six most hazardous intersections are identified below:

1. Willow Street at Cambronne Street

Featuring no traffic signal, but several crashes and fatalities to its credit, this seemingly quaint and semi-busy cross-street is one of the most dangerous intersections in New Orleans. It hasn’t gotten near the media attention as some of the others on the Top Six list, but it is earning a reputation among locals, many of whom are learning to avoid it.

2. Iberville Street and North Peters Street

This hazardous piece of real estate in New Orleans is another that lacks a traffic signal, thus increasing the statistical probability of crashes and personal injury. For years, this zone was not nearly as dangerous as it is today, but increased traffic and higher than average rate of speed have worked to put it on New Orleans “most dangerous” list.

3. Poydras Street and Camp Street

Many of the intersections on this list have one thing in common: no traffic signal. While a clear hazard for pedestrians, it’s also a risk for drivers, who have no accurate information about when the light is ready to change. All over the U.S., cross-streets like this one are becoming more of a problem as pedestrians, and some drivers, are more inclined to use phones or other electronic devices while they walk or operate a motor vehicle . . . a very bad combination.

4. Bourbon Street and Canal Street

If there was a Super Bowl of hazardous intersections, this one would win the trophy every year. Known all over the nation as a lethal spot, the cross-street is even in some record books.

5. Canal Street and North Peters Street

Bad design, sharp curves, and proximity to a light-rail train track: add it all up and you get one of the most fatal locations in the city. Local politicians have even taken up the cause of trying to fix the high accident rate here and at a couple other of the city’s most notorious intersections. So far, there has been no progress, so it’s business as usual at Canal and North Peters for the time being.

6. Highway 90 and Gravier Street

This unassuming cross-street has two factors working against it: unusually high average speeds and a very high traffic density, based on the number of cars that pass by each hour on an average day. Any expert knows what the product of that equation is: injury, crashes, and fatalities.

For anyone on foot, riding a bicycle, or driving a car, it makes sense to avoid the above-listed cross streets when possible. But when necessity dictates that you must use one of them, proceed with extreme caution.

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