Is It Safe to Drive in Seattle?

Seattle has made several lists as one of the worst cities to drive in, but is it really that bad? In terms of comparisons, yes, Seattle does have a high number of traffic accidents. That being said, driving in Seattle isn’t that much different than any other major city in the country, though it does have some unique challenges.

For instance, the fact that it rains almost all the time is going to make driving more dangerous than it is in other cities. Add to that the fact that there is a lot of congestion and it’s only getting worse with the increase in the amount of people moving to Seattle each year. The roads are narrow and slippery and accidents are bound to happen.

Still, Seattle driving isn’t so much worse than other places so long as you follow the rules of the road and drive defensively. Here are a few tips to make driving in Seattle a little safer:

Be careful when you merge!

Seattle roads don’t make it easy to merge onto busy, traffic-infested freeways. Make sure that you are focused on your task and be patient—someone will let you in eventually. Merging is not the time to speed or drive recklessly.

Is It Safe to Drive in Seattle

Never use your cell phone while driving, no matter how many notifications you get!

Distracted driving is incredibly dangerous, especially when it involves cell phone use. If you want to avoid an accident you will greatly decrease your chances of being in a collision just by leaving that cell phone in your purse or pocket.

Can’t deal with the temptation when that telltale ding alerts you that something’s happening on the interwebs? Put that bad boy in your trunk. That way you’ll live to read your frenemy’s next status update.

Wear your seatbelt, or else!

In the end, it’s your life you’re risking if you don’t buckle up. The question you must ask yourself is: Do you want to live? It’s really a no-brainer. Unless you have a death wish, wear your seatbelt.

Slow down when it rains, people!

There’s a right way to drive in inclement weather—slower than you normally would. Rain is tough to drive in. You can’t see, it makes the roads slick, and accidents are bound to occur. The only way to avoid an accident is to drive slowly and make sure your tires are road ready.

Have You Been in an Accident in Seattle?

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