Most Common Causes of California Car Accidents

While there is no doubt that all cities of the United States have their own share of accidents, there is little detailed information about the reason behind such crashes. California, too, has its share of vehicle crashes and ranks highly among US states where vehicle crashes take place. This article will help you understand the most common causes of California car accidents. Hundreds of thousands take place in different parts of California, including Temecula, which witnessed in excess of 175,000 auto accidents in 2017, out of which, 3,564 were fatal.


According to the IIHS (Insurance Institute of Highway Safety), speeding is the primary cause of severe vehicle accidents. The effective reaction time of a driver diminishes when driving a car at high speed. It also reduces control over the vehicle, leading to accidents. The results of such accidents are catastrophic, too; the greater the speed, the more force upon impact when the accident occurs. Deaths caused by speeding cars accounted for nearly thirty percent of all car accident fatalities in 2017.

DUI driving

Even though driving under the influence of alcohol is punishable by law, it seems that people simply do not bother to adhere to the laws. Over the last couple of years, the number of accidents due to DUI has been rapidly increasing. It is estimated that nearly a quarter of road accidents in California have taken place due to this. In 2017, more than a third of drivers killed in California were driving under the influence of illegal and prescription drugs.


Drivers being distracted is another widespread problem that results in many accidents in California. It is not possible to accurately show the number of accidents occurring due to this factor, as it is difficult to prove conclusively that the accident occurred due to distracted driving. Using a cell phone while driving is the most common distraction. Drivers find it difficult to concentrate both on their conversation on their mobile as well as on the road in front of them. It is too late by the time they realize what they are dangerously close to another vehicle, and the crash occurs. It does not matter if the driver is using a hands-free phone either, as the concentration of the driver is often divided between answering the call and giving full attention to the road ahead of them.

Not All Drivers Are Directly Responsible

Not all vehicle drivers are directly responsible for car crashes. They might be driving their vehicle safely but cannot avoid an accident if it takes place due to the negligence of the other driver involved.

What to Do in The Aftermath of a Car Crash

The best solution is to contact an auto crash lawyer in Orange County as quickly as possible after the crash, so that the professional can question witnesses at the scene of the crime, take photographs of the crash scene, and gather contact and licensing information of the other driver and vehicle. This will help them fight the case on your behalf and prove that you were not at fault.