NC Work Comp and Allergic Reactions

Suffering a work-related illness difficult in and of itself. Not only must you deal with the physical symptoms of your condition, but you’re also apt to need time off of work to recover from your sickness.

Almost all employers in the state of North Carolina must carry workers compensation coverage on their insurance policies to protect their employees in the event that they become injured or fall ill.

When you receive a recent diagnosis of an allergic reaction caused by the conditions of your work environment, you should deserve workers comp benefits. Continue reading to learn more about how to obtain the funds you must recover without financial worry.

When You Will Qualify For Workers Comp Benefits

If you get exposed to a substance or toxin that has caused  an allergic reaction, you should qualify for workers compensation benefits. After all, as long as the conditions of your position caused your illness, the insurance company that provides your employer with their workers compensation coverage should approve your claim for benefits.

Your length of time with the company or how many hours you work a week don’t matter when it comes to workers comp. In some circumstances however, the insurer has the right to deny your claim.

NC Work Comp and Allergic Reactions

If you were committing a crime, working off the clock, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol when you came into contact with whatever caused your allergic reaction, your claim for benefits gets denied.

What Your Benefits Will Cover

Workers comp benefits covers a portion of your income, up to two-thirds, calculated based on your pre-illness average weekly income for the fifty-two weeks prior to you becoming sick.

You can use these benefits however you like. However, keep in mind that they replace your income while you cannot work. For that reason, the majority of those that receive workers comp use their funds to provide for their household.

In addition to the weekly benefits you’ll receive, your workers comp provider also covers any medical expenses that pertain to your condition. This could include ambulance fees, prescription medications, hospital bills, and the like.

How To Get Your Denial Reversed

It shouldn’t come as a surprise if after filing your claim, you receive a denial from the insurance company. This has little to do with your condition and everything to do with the insurance company looking out for their best interests, as every time they pay out on a claim they lose money.

We can work on getting your claim approved by first working with the insurance adjuster to see if we can correct any issues with paperwork that was filed, provide additional medical documentation, or answer any questions they might have about your allergic reaction and its effects.

Should this fail, we can appeal your case with the North Carolina Industrial Commission, who reviews the details of your claim to make a decision as to the approval or denial of your benefits.

Your North Carolina Workers Compensation Lawyer Will Fight For You

When you get diagnosed with an allergic reaction that stems from the duties of your employment, you deserve to receive benefits to replace your income while you focus on your recovery. The workers compensation attorneys at the Ricci Law Firm can fight for your right to workers comp benefits.