Why Speeding is Dangerous

Most of us have broken the speed limit a little bit. Whether you missed a change in the speed limit, or you’re just running late, you might have gone over the recommended limit. However, that puts you and other drivers in a dangerous position.

We’ve all heard speeding is dangerous, but what makes it so deadly? If you’ve been speeding but you’re not sure what’s so bad about it, keep these factors in mind. They make speeding dangerous and even deadly, so you or the drivers around you will need to slow down to avoid these conditions.

Reaction Times are Reduced

Speeding is more than going over the designated limit—it also includes going too fast for dangerous conditions, like hazardous weather. Combined with slick roads, speeding can be deadly because you have even less time to react and avoid a crash.

When you’re driving, you’ll need to leave space between you and the car ahead of you that gives you time to slow down. But, the faster you go, the more space you’ll need to slow down. That means you’re more likely to lose control or simply not have the time to slow down when you’re speeding.  

Higher Speeds Mean More Fatalities

Maybe it was impossible to avoid an accident anyway. The other driver was acting in a reckless fashion, and they hit you. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean speeding doesn’t play a part in the accident. It can make the accident even more dangerous than before.

When you’re moving at high speeds, the chances of injuries and fatalities are much higher. An accident that might have just left you with whiplash becomes much more serious the faster you’re going. As such, many areas are taking steps to protect pedestrians from speeding-related accidents by lowering the speed limit. Even going five MPH over the limit can affect how serious your injuries are.

Take Action When Someone Speeds

However, it might already be too late. You’ve been through a car accident caused by speeding, and now you’re seriously injured. Worse, you might have lost a loved one to speeding, and now you’re seeking compensation for your family’s losses.

Speeding injures and kills every day, but you can take steps to avoid being hit or to get the compensation you need after your accident. By slowing down and avoiding speeding drivers, you can reduce the chances that you’ll be hit and hurt by these drivers.

When you’ve already been in a collision, seek out a lawyer for your compensation. Speeding is a serious safety concern, and when someone hasn’t taken care with your safety, you’ll need to fight back for your compensation.